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Be grateful for your abilities.
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TLA: Tending to the Flower Gardens
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  The small lilac tabby was uncertain of what exactly they were doing, but they wanted to get away. Training had been inconsistent up until recently, and the tabby missed the days they would spend bouncing from mentor to mentor, escaping camp and going to explore the territory. Small paws landed one in front of the other, lit up by the starry sky and brilliant glow of the aurora above. It was almost always like this, dreary and dark, but the auro
:iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 0 0
Hazelpaw Answers 1: Dark Past by CorybanticShade Hazelpaw Answers 1: Dark Past :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 2 5 Cinnamon and Spice and Everything Nice by CorybanticShade Cinnamon and Spice and Everything Nice :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 4 3
Dzhiban || Green-Void || TGB

May 13, 2017: Updated application, time to send a sponsorship request!! Thank you Koldian
May 10, 2017: She was accepted for sponsorship!! I just need to submit an official application and add a tattoo! I'M SO PUMPED!!

 True Name: Dzhiban - Alteration of the star name (Psi, Draco), meaning “the two jackals” 
Kit Name: Narelle - From the Australian Aboriginal word meaning “little river” (Usually goes by this)
Nickname(s): Nelle, Relle, Nari Dzhi/Zhi/Dzi
Alias(es): N/A
Sex: Female
Gender: Demigirl
Appearance: Somewhat masculine  
Pronouns: She/Her (preferred) They/Them (preferred) He/Him (indifferent)
:iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 5 10
Title is a WIP
Stone Cold
Angst prompt I found that I had to do!! Names are random.
The prompt can be found here:
The prompt: Person A wakes up in their room. It’s brightly lit, the sun has risen and the city outside their apartment is slowly waking up with them. A smiles when they see a bemused Person B smiling back and can’t hold back a grin and pulls B close. They whisper sweet nothings to eachother and sharing the dreams they had. A looks down/up at B and says “I love you,” and B says the same, but for some reason A can’t hear them.
Suddenly A wakes up in a dark room, and checks the time and realizes it’s almost five in the morning and the sun has barely risen over the horizon. They sit in the dimly lit room and cry when they remember B passed away nearly 2 years ago.
  Intro / Set3 -- The 1975
:iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 0 0
Daydreams in Reality by CorybanticShade Daydreams in Reality :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 7 4 (Mild Profanity) Be a Good Boy: Say Hello by CorybanticShade (Mild Profanity) Be a Good Boy: Say Hello :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 4 2 Puddle - WIP by CorybanticShade Puddle - WIP :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 4 0 TLotC Activity Check: Sweet Dreams by CorybanticShade TLotC Activity Check: Sweet Dreams :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 10 4 TLA - Ask Hazelpaw! by CorybanticShade TLA - Ask Hazelpaw! :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 1 7 CUOS - Gravelkit by CorybanticShade CUOS - Gravelkit :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 3 2 Success!! by CorybanticShade Success!! :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 9 0 Late Activity Check? by CorybanticShade Late Activity Check? :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 5 13 Softpaw - Application by CorybanticShade Softpaw - Application :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 7 8 Activity Check by CorybanticShade Activity Check :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 3 1 Puxatony Phil? by CorybanticShade Puxatony Phil? :iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 1 0




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After all, it might be your adopts I'm buying, but I can't spread the wealth if I have none to spread?

Please, pay me through here if you'd like as well!

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Justin is a shy guy. Nice, but shy. He’s shy with boys, girls, women and men, everyone… He’s sensitive, generous but he daren’t. It’s his main problem : he daren’t.
CorybanticShade Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
I am Justin. You notified the wrong person.
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